Free language exchange

When you come to Hanoi to live or for traveling just a short time. You might want to know more about the place you are gonna see. You also maybe like to know more about people here. And it is nothing better than join our regular Free talk even every Friday night from 7pm-10pm. This is totally free event where you could meet local and learn something not only about language but also our culture. This is not limited with English and Vietnamese speaker only but also could be diffrent languages such as French, Portugese, Japanese, Korean......

With the hope of creating oppotulities for foreingers get knowing our Vietnamsese and the other way around. You could donate money as you wish but it is fine if you don't. Free drinks like water or tea would be served at the venue. Soft drinks and beers would be sold with local price if you need to have. 

This weekly languages exchange event would be a great oppotunity for everyone to get to know each other better with culture, custom, get free advices and so on.

Sign up by filling our form so we could have better organize