Whether you are in Vietnam for work, travel, or you have moved here your time will be more enjoyable and rewarding if you have a basic grasp of the Vietnamese language. The Hidden Hanoi language school combines a beautiful, friendly classroom setting with a range of classes and teaching material to inspire your Vietnamese learning.

Experienced teachers will encourage you to practice useful, everyday Vietnamese in small groups, guaranteeing plenty of fun and a motivating atmosphere. We offer classes throughout the day and evening from Monday to Saturday. Private lessons can be arranged.

Learners also have the chance to go on outings and take part in social events to further build confidence.

A weekly pronunciation class helps all learners improve their tones and a regular conversation club offers opportunities to speak Vietnamese with other students and locals.

Holiday Vietnamese lesson equips guests with only short time in Vietnam but would be able directing taxis, haggling in markets for the best prices as well as making orders in restaurants with confidence. Taken on its own, the class is an invaluable to the Vietnamese language and culture.

Courses Levels

Survival Basic Level 1:
Lessons 1 to 6 over 18 hours plus 2 field trips – 4,600,000 VND 
(approx. $200US)

Intermidiate Level 2:
Lessons 7 to 12, 30 hours and 2 field trips – 5,750,000 VND
(approx. $250US)


Pronunciation course:

8 hours – 1,800,000 VND
(approx. $78.50US)

Holiday Vietnamese:
2 hours – 460,000 VND/person.

(approx. $20US)